ezPDF Test Maker is a PC application to make plain PDF files into more interactive and multimedia-enabled TEST PDF files with the auto-checking answers feature.


The basic functions are listed as below.


   1. Hyperlink Features:

      Create hyperlinks to another page
      Create hyperlinks to webpages or web objects


   2. Multimedia Features:

      Embed Audio files into PDF
      Embed Video files into PDF

      Embed Animation files into PDF


   3. Interactive Knowledge Taps Features - PDF-based Flashcards:

      Create magic boxes to show and hide underneath answers


   4. Test and Auto-Checking Answers Features - PDF-based Test:

      Here is a list of test problems you may create using ezPDF Test Maker and play on ezPDF CLEAR.

      - Multiple Choice

      - Multiple Answers (a type of multiple choice)

      - True / False

      - Fill in the Blank

      - Fill in the Multiple Blanks (no order)

      - Fill in the Multiple Blanks (in order)

      - Short Answer

      - Matching (Connecting)


ezPDF Test PDF Maker Program (FREE, PC Program)

Please download this program from your PC and create your own contents for free.

Redeem Code (Serial No.) : 20c79692a5

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