Knowledge Taps for Windows Store

Knowledge Taps™ is an innovative educational tool to help your memorization by showing and hiding the areas where you want to remember. This is the interactive way of using flash card concept from PDF documents. You do not need to cover with your fingers or other objects on paper to see if you are thinking correct.

Create rectangular areas to hide the contents from Edit mode. By tapping those marked areas, hidden contents are shown or covered. You can check the answers against your memory.

1. Menu Options

1) Edit Mode Tools
- Quit, Go back to Play mode
- Draw Box
- Delete Box
- Toggle option to detect boundary

2) Play Mode Tools
- Hide Play Mode Tool Bar
- Show all the hidden boxes
- Close all the opened boxes, Reset play mode
- I know this page, let's select a random page. Do not show this page.
- I don't know this page, let's select a random page.
- Go back to last random selection

2. Source of Contents

    - PDF files
    - Image files (Converted to PDF from this app)
    - Camera shots (Converted to PDF from this app)

3. What can you do

    From Edit Mode
    - Select text and create Knowledge Taps™
    - Draw a rectangular shape to create a Knowledge Taps™
    - When a box detection is on, it shrinks down to fit the selected boundary size by drawing a rectangular area to create Knowledge Taps™. 
    - When a box detection is on, it expands out to fit the boundary of top/bottom and left/right by clicking on a screen to create Knowledge Taps™.

    From Play Mode
    - Tap on Knowledge Taps™ area to show and hide the underneath content
    - Show all the contents, 
    - Hide all the contents
    - Go to a random page with the options to include or exclude the current page from the further random process.