About Unidocs Inc.

The PDF Innovator

Unidocs Inc is a Korean corporation who provides sophisticated digital document solution to the public sectors, financial & educational institutions and corporations. With the prime role as the pioneer of PDF solutions, Unidocs has been a big part of evolving life in transition from-paper-to-paperless and touched most of the daily lives in Korea, dealing with books, newspapers, magazines, office documents, research papers, government archives, educational contents, business data and much more.

Unidocs' solution is not limited to its PDF viewing capability, but it soars with many business applications and workflows that integrate with versatile PDF technology. Furthermore, Unidocs applied its accumulated technology into the mobile field and developed the first mobile PDF viewing apps for iOS and Android – "ezPDF Reader". This application is one of the most selling applications for Android and was honored as "Best App" by Google in 2012. 

Our new move to mobile territory expanded and enabled interchangeability of our solutions among combinations of PC & mobile devices and different platforms. 

We are also seeing the vision of our technology as a platform that becomes the main playground of multimedia and interactive contents live inside the PDF document. 

Please come and join us for the new technology that will make your business worthwhile. 
For any suggestions and bug reports (ouch!), please drop us an email at help@unidocs.com